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SenzaGen på Stora Aktiedagen i Stockholm

Tack alla som kom och lyssnade på VD Axel Sjöblads presentation av SenzaGens skifte från forskningsbolag till kommersiellt bolag och den pågående företrädesemissionen på Stora Aktiedagen i Stockholm den 25 november 2019. Missade du presentationen så kan du se den här:

A new French distributor is joining us

We are proud to welcome PKDerm as GARD® distributor. Located in Grasse, France, PKDerm offers innovative in vitro solutions to pharmaceutical, dermo-cosmetic and chemical industries in order to evaluate the efficacy and safety of products likely to come into contact with the skin. “As a GARD distributor, we are excited to offer a solution to […]

The GARD™Skin Assay: A New In Vitro Testing Strategy for Skin Sensitization

E. Schmidt, V. Zuckerstätter, H. Gehrke | Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Munich GmbH Introduction  A skin sensitiser refers to a substance that will lead to an allergic response following skin contact as defined by the United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (UN GHS). The potential to induce skin sensitisation is […]

Identification of skin sensitizers in natural mixtures

This pilot study demonstrated the applicability of the GARDTMskin assay for identification of skin sensitizers in hair dye ingredients, delivering high prediction performance, consistent with existing human data. The study also indicated that GARDTMskin is a promising in vitro model to identify skin sensitizers in natural mixtures. Link to Application Note.

In vitro skin sensitization testing of Medical Devices using GARD™

Rose-Marie Jenvert, Angelica Johansson, Olivia Larne, Emelie Danefur, Emil Altonen, Anders Jerre, Robin Gradin, Gunilla Grundström. SenzaGen, Lund, Sweden. Introduction All medical devices need to be evaluated for the end point skin sensitization according to the Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices (ISO 10993-1:2018), today commonly involving in vivo assays. Here, we show that the in […]

Extended solvent selection for in vitro sensitization testing using GARD®

Olivia Larne, Ulrika I Torstensdotter Mattson, Rikard Alm, and Gunilla Grundström. SenzaGen, Lund, Sweden. Introduction The GARD®skin assay is an in vitro assay developed for the assessment of skin sensitizers. It is based on SenzaCells™, a human dendritic-like cell line, and a biomarker signature analyzed by a prediction model including pattern recognition and machine learning. […]

Welcome MB Research Labs to our partner network

We are excited to announce that another CRO has been fully trained on SenzaGen’s GARD technology platform and is offering GARDskin and GARDair services.   As a leading provider of in vitro toxicity testing to the US and worldwide, MB Research Labs is deeply committed to their customers and is dedicated to offering the latest […]

Validation of the GARD™skin assay for assessment of chemical skin sensitizers – ring trial results of predictive performance and reproducibility

Toxicological Sciences, kfz108, https://doi.org/10.1093/toxsci/kfz108 Henrik Johansson, Robin Gradin, Angelica Johansson, Els Adriaens, Amber Edwards, Veronika Zuckerstätter, Anders Jerre, Florence Burleson, Helge Gehrke, Erwin Roggen Abstract Proactive identification of chemicals with skin sensitizing properties is a key toxicological endpoint within chemical safety assessment, as required by legislation for registration of chemicals. In order to meet demands of increased animal welfare and facilitate increased testing efficiency […]