SenzaGen wins order for GARD®skin worth about SEK 1m from a new chemicals customer

SenzaGen has been selected to test chemicals from yet another new world leader, this time in the energy sector. The order is worth about SEK 1 million and is for testing with SenzaGen’s high-performance non-animal skin sensitization test, GARD®skin. The tests will be performed in SenzaGen’s GLP-certified laboratory in Lund.

The customer, a global group of companies with an innovative focus in the chemicals industry, will use GARDskin to assess whether their new product candidates can cause allergic reactions on the skin.

“It is gratifying to see that our focused sales and marketing activities are continuing to deliver increasingly better results. Following the OECD approval obtained last summer, we now see growth in demand for our innovative GARD® tests. The ability to perform highly accurate tests on chemical substances early in the development process makes it possible for companies to avoid high development costs for potentially hazardous substances while also reducing the number of animal tests,” says Peter Nählstedt, President and CEO of SenzaGen.

With high reliability, GARD®skin test results help product development companies and producers ensure that the products they bring to market are free of allergies, now enabling them to prove this in their regulatory filings. The GARD®skin test has been approved by the OECD as a test guideline for non-animal skin sensitization since 30 June 2022. The test is the first and only non-animal OECD-approved test for assessing the allergenicity of chemicals based on genomics and machine learning.