SenzaGen takes a first step into China – cooperates with leading expert

SenzaGen (Nasdaq First North: SENZA) has initiated a partnership with Guangzhou Chn-Alternative Biotechnology Co., Ltd (CHNALT), a leading provider of alternative, animal-free testing methods in China. The new collaboration aims to establish local networks and ensure SenzaGen with its GARD™ genome-based testing method has a strong position as China moves towards introduction of animal-free chemical testing methods. China is one of the world's largest markets, with an expected ban on animal experiments in the cosmetics industry, for example.

Dr Shu-jun Cheng is the CEO of CHNALT and one of China's leading toxicologists and key opinion leaders when it comes to alternative, animal-free testing methods. He is a professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, one of China's most prestigious universities and research centers.

“We are very pleased to be able to initiate a formal collaboration with such an active and well-respected champion of animal-free testing in China. Dr. Cheng is a strong voice and has been driving the development of alternative testing methods in China for many years. As SenzaGen’s partner, he can offer expertise and direct contact with industry and gradually establish GARD as the first-choice method for animal-free testing. We see many opportunities arising and this collaboration will ensure we are fully prepared the day the market is ready for our products”, says Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO of SenzaGen.

SenzaGen's strategy is to establish strong partnerships in markets where animal testing is prohibited or where a ban is expected to be introduced. So far, animal data are mostly compulsory for allergy testing of substances in China, but there are strong forces for introducing alternative methods and in the long term a ban.

“We are looking forward to driving the change within the industry and academia together with SenzaGen. Our ambition is to make alternative methods accepted for chemicals and cosmetics testing in China. We also firmly believe that GARD assays, as next generation genome-based testing methods, will serve as high-performance tools supporting the research and development of safer, allergy-free products”, says Shu-jun Cheng, CEO of CHNALT.

GARD™ is a genome-based test that has higher reliability than other available test methods on the market. The test gives customers important safety information about the risk of chemical substances causing allergies in humans.  

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About GARD 
GARD is a group of tests for analyzing chemicals' ability to start an allergic reaction in humans. By analyzing hundreds of markers, GARD® generates large amounts of data and delivers results with over 90 percent accuracy. This can be compared to today's standard method – tests on mice – which only achieve 70-75 percent precision. SenzaGen's test can also quantify the allergenic potential of a chemical substance. 

About SenzaGen 
SenzaGen makes it possible to replace animal experiments with genetic tests in test tubes in order to assess whether the chemicals we come into contact with in our everyday life are allergenic or not. Examples are cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods and dyes. The company's proprietary tests are the most reliable on the market and provide more information than traditional evaluation methods. The tests are sold in-house in Sweden and the US, and through partners in several other countries. Over the next few years, the company will expand geographically, add more distribution partners and launch new, unique tests. SenzaGen has its head office in Lund and subsidiary in the US. For more information, visit

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