SenzaGen receives SEK 0.6 million follow-up order

In February, SenzaGen tested chemicals for a large global company. The same company now orders additional testing for a value of SEK 0.6 million, with the unique GARD™air assay, to analyse whether selected chemical substances can cause allergic reactions in the respiratory tract. The tests will be carried out in SenzaGen's laboratory in Lund.

“I am happy to see that our new sales organization continues to deliver results. To deepen relationships and partnerships with large global customers is essential for us to establish GARD and to grow as a company. The new order is important since it both confirms that the customer is satisfied with our collaboration and that the GARD assays are demanded despite a business climate characterized by COVID-19,” says Axel Sjöblad, CEO of SenzaGen.

The customer is headquartered in Europe where research and development play a central role. With the GARD™air test, the customer can identify substances that can cause allergy in the airways, and use the results for decision making during both product development and production, which contributes to cost savings for the company and safer products to society.