Seminar at the Swedish Parliamentary Animal Protection Forum in collaboration with Djurens Rätt (Animal Rights), The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International

On Wednesday May 23rd 2018, SenzaGen’s CEO Anki Malmborg Hager participated in a breakfast seminar at the Swedish Parliament organized by the Parliamentary Animal Protection Forum, Birgitta Ohlsson (L) and Jens Holm (V), in collaboration with Djurens Rätt (Animal Rights), The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International. The seminar was organized to provide on-site information about Swedish politicians’ views on a global ban of animal testing in cosmetics, and Anki gave a presentation on animal-free methods for the testing of chemicals and cosmetics.

A few weeks ago, the EU Parliament agreed (by 620 votes to 14) that the European Union should work towards a global ban of animal testing of cosmetic products. But in many parts of the world there are still no laws to ban animal testing of cosmetic products and ingredients. This despite the availability of approved and scientifically validated more efficient and accurate non-animal based methods that are both faster and often cheaper.

Cruelty Free International is currently running a worldwide campaign together with The Body Shop under the hashtag #Foreveragainstanimaltesting to put an end to animal testing globally, forever. There was considerable interest at this seminar in SenzaGen’s in vitro method, which is based on human cells instead of animals.

“The fact that cosmetics and chemicals are still tested on animals in large parts of the world is really hard to understand when new methods are much more accurate. On average, animal tests have an accuracy of about 72% and the test we developed, GARDskin, offers an accuracy of more than 90%. And apart from the difference in accuracy, we are getting answers to how the human immune system is affected rather than how mice are affected,” says Anki Malmborg Hager, SenzaGen’s CEO.

The seminar is part of a very important initiative to pursue the issue of animal experiments both politically and via opinion, and, above all, to demand safer testing of chemical ingredients in the products that surround us in everyday life.

“It has been a wonderful opportunity for us to participate in this seminar and we look forward to being able to continue contributing to the entire project in the best way we can,” says Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO, SenzaGen.


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