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SenzaGen starts blogging for Swedish leading financial newspaper Dagens Industri.

Follow our CEO, Anki Malmborg Hager here on the new blog at our web site under Mixed Media/blogs or at Di Gasell.

The blog will be in Swedish

SenzaGen nominated for Guldråttan -the Golden Rat

SenzaGen has been nominated for the honorable price “Guldråttan” -the Golden Rat, a prize awarded by Djurens Rätt (the Animal Rights) to companies that make exceptional contribution to animal wellfare.

SenzaGen is able to greatly reduce animal use with their animal free allergy tests for cosmetic ingredients, raw material production and the pharmaceutical industries. With the company’s test GARD, which is performed in vitro, the number of animals used for testing in these industries can be heavily reduced and now that SenzaGen is expanding globally, the impact can be even greater.

“Guldråttan is Sweden’s finest animal rights prize and awarded since 1987 by Djurens Rätt to a person or persons who have made an exceptional contribution during the year to animal well fare” Djurens Rätt says ontheir site.

It is now possible to vote on who should be awarded Guldråttan 2016. Voting will run until April 10 and the winner will be presented at Djurens Rätts National Conference in Stockholm on 14-15 May.

Participate and vote at (in Swedish) Link no longer available

SenzaGen is presenting at a hosted session at Society of Toxicology 55th Annual Meeting in New Orleans March 15, 2016

SenzaGen Senior Scientist, Dr. Henrik Johansson will give a presentation at an exhibitor hosted session at the Society of Toxicology 55th Annual Meeting in New Orleans, 15th of March.

The meeting promises more than 150 scientific sessions, approximately 350 ToxExpo exhibitors offering you the latest information on services and technology, thousands of abstract presentations, continuing education courses, awards presentations, receptions, career guidance and support, and more.

The topic for Dr. Johansson’s presentation, Genomics—The Future of Sensitization Testing and Safety Assessment is: In vitro testing in human cellines using genomic technology is the future in safety testing of chemicals and proteins. SenzaGen is presenting their use of genomics for sensitization testing with GARD assays for skin and respiratory sensitization. Using +200 biomarkers enables better predictions, including potency information.

This session is an Exhibitor-Hosted Session. Although not an official part of the SOT Annual Meeting scientific program, its presentation is permitted by the Society.

The presentation will cover

  • Accurate and convenient safety assessment of chemical sensitizers using GARD, an in vitro assay based on genomic biomarker signatures
  • How genomic readouts can help facilitate simple models that effectively monitors a complex reality
  • Versatile test systems allowing for a broad applicability domain

Attendees are welcomed from researcher community, industry, manufacturers, regulatory agencies, consultants, CROs and every one interested in safety testing of chemical compounds.

Details: Genomics—The Future of Sensitization Testing and Safety Assessment
Exhibition hall, Room 211 Tuesday, March 15, 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM

djurfria allergitester

SenzaGen receives Honorary Prize in PwC’s annual Innovation Award

In the competition for This year’s Innovation appointed by PwC and Lund Innovation Systems, Malin Lindstedt and Anki Malmborg Hager at SenzaGen gets the Honorary Prize and is awarded 50.000 SEK.

At the awards ceremony held at Lund City Hall the winner received a prize of SEK 150 000 and two other projects; SenzaGen “Animal free allergy test” and Erghis “Touchless Interaction in Healthcare” received a Honorary prize for their inventions.

Congratulations to Malin and Anki for their great achievements of innovative research and commercialisation of the invention of high relevance for the industry.

SenzaGen strengthens its brand with a new logo and graphical profile

– We want a logo and a graphic profile that shows our identity, strengthens the brand and matches the quality of our products. We have been working together with a design and communications agency ID Communication in Malmö to find our tone and graphical language and we see this as a kick off in the expansion of the company, says Hanna Frykman Marketing and communication coordinator at SenzaGen.

SenzaGen develops and performs animal-free allergy testing of chemicals and proteins, especially for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. The potential on the market is huge and we want the graphic profile to reflect that we are trustworthy, high-tech, research-related and innovative. The implementation of the graphical profile has been gradual and we will develop a new website and additional marketing material as we go.

– My task when starting in SenzaGen has been to build up our marketing and sales division from scratch and it has been a priority to find a graphic identity and logo that shows what we stand for, says Hanna Frykman.

Andy Forreryd wins a “Best Abstract Presentation Price” about GARD technique

Andy Forreryd
of the Dept. of Immunotechnology won a “Best Abstract Presentation Price” at the Oral Abstract session entitled
Risk factors and biomarkers in occupational allergy
held at EAACI 2015 in Barcelona.

Andy’s contribution was entitled
Prediction of chemical respiratory sensitizers using GARD, a novel in vitro assay based on a genomic biomarker signature.

Andy Forreryd is a researcher at the Dept. of Immunotechnology at Lund University and a contributor to the R&D team connected to SenzaGen who’s research is the foundation for the GARD test products.

SenzaGen congratulates Andy and we are very proud to see that his great achievements as a researcher is getting acknowledged.

SenzaGen moves into their new laboratories at Medicon Village

In June, SenzaGen moves into its new lab facilities at Medicon Village in Lund. As SenzaGen is expanding, establishing new partnerships and customers and is hiring more staff, the company has a demand to set up in new premises and gather the business. The lab is completely new and is equipped with the latest technology to implement the tests.

– The new lab is a natural step in SenzaGen’ss commercialization of what we have developed here at the department of Immunotechnology. Research and development is continuing at LTH, says Malin Lindstedt , founder and CSO of SenzaGen .

The opening of the lab was celebrated with new and old colleagues as well as investors, owners and business partners of SenzaGen.


SenzaGen wins innovation prize SKAPA and is appointed as provincial finalist

SenzaGen has won yet another award and was recently appointed the provincial finalist in Skåne and will thereby have the opportunity to win the national innovation award SKAPA, the country’s largest and most prestigious innovation prize. The SKAPA Prize is awarded to innovators in order to support the commercialization of their products.

The prize is awarded by the Foundation SKAPA in cooperation with ALMI. It is the regional ALMI companies in cooperation with local inventors’ associations affiliated to the Swedish Inventors Association which has chosen the county finalists for the award.

The appointment means that SenzaGen have the opportunity to be appointed Swedish champion of innovation. As the county finalist, SenzaGen receives a prize worth SEK 25 000 with the option to gain an additional SEK 550 000 (maximum spread over three laureates) if they succeed as winners of the national prize.

– SenzaGen has been able to package advanced research in a transparent, commercial way and have in a short time shown that they will be able to both significantly minimize the number of animal tests  being performed and deliver a better accuracy in the tests and hence a better value to their customers. It is going to be very exciting to follow the company in the future! says Johan Olsen, ALMI

The national final is being held on 5 Nov 2015 in Stockholm.

Almi Invest awards SenzaGen the prestigeous Annual Keywhole investment prize. “Årets titthålsinvestering”

– The investment will be used to sharpen Senzagen business model and develop software linked to cell-based in vitro assays, says Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO at SenzaGen.

Press reslease at ALMI’s newsdesk

Hanna Frykman

Hanna Frykman new Market Coordinator at SenzaGen

SenzaGen continues its expansion and is setting up a sales and marketing organisation. In this process SenzaGen recruits Hanna Frykman as a marketing coordinator.

Most recently, Hanna comes from the Royal Academy of Sciences, where she worked as an information coordinator and scientific secretary of an EU project. Hanna has experience as communicator and project manager, and has been working with startup companies. She is one of the developers of the cultural business project Thomanders Jul in Lund.

– It is extremely exciting to be working with a company in this early stage and to build up the business from scratch, says Hanna Frykman.

Hanna begins in SenzaGen in March 2015 and will focus on developing graphical profile and work with sales and marketing at SenzaGen.

– The combination of science and business thinking and her ability to build up network was been instrumental in the recruitment of Hanna. I very much look forward to working together with Hanna, says Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO of SenzaGen