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Poster presented at ACT 2020: Applicability of GARD™skin for Accurate Assessment of Challenging Substances in the Context of Skin Sensitization Testing

J. Schmidt, A. Forreryd, H. Johansson, J. Li, A. Johansson SenzaGen, Inc., Raleigh, NC, USA, SenzaGen AB, Lund, Sweden   Link to the poster   Conclusion GARDskin demonstrated an overall high applicability for the evaluated challenging substances with 80% predictive accuracy compared to existing human data. GARDskin demonstrated excellent applicability for pre/pro-haptens and low water […]

Poster presented at ACT 2020: Dose-Response Analysis in GARD™ for Assessment of Skin Sensitizer Potency

J. Schmidt, A. Forreryd, R. Gradin2, H. Johansson. SenzaGen Inc., Raleigh, NC., SenzaGen AB, Lund, Sweden.   Link to the poster   Conclusion As an adaptation from the GARDskin assay, GARDskin Dose-Response is suitable for quantitative skin sensitizing potency assessment of chemicals. The experimental readout, referred to as cDV0, corresponds to the lowest dose required […]