Web-based SOT 2020 poster presentation session

Join SenzaGen’s free web-based SOT 2020 poster presentation session

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in our web-based conference on the latest news about the GARD™ assays for skin and respiratory sensitization testing.

Key takeaways

Comparative study: GARDskin for challenging substances
How to test UVCBs and Mixtures
Formal validation of GARDpotency for subclassification of skin sensitizers
GARDair technology update and case study

Available on two occasions

EU Time Zone | Mar 19, 11:00 CET | Register here
US Time Zone | Mar 19, 11:00 EDT | Register here

Do you have challenging samples?
Complex mixtures, natural extracts or other low solubility substances – what are your difficult-to-test samples? GARD is a genomic-based in vitro test with high performance and broad applicability specializing in difficult-to-test samples that can help you through the hurdles in your product life cycle. Hundreds of samples have been tested and successfully reported.