SenzaGen speaks at Eurofins Human Safety Seminar, November 29

Dr Andy Forreryd, scientist at SenzaGen, is one of three speakers at the Human Safety Seminar organised by Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Munich where he will be presenting the GARD® platform for skin and respiratory sensitization. The seminar will be hosted on November 29 at the new laboratory and office building of Eurofins Munich, Robert-Koch-Straße 3a in Planegg near Munich, Germany.

The topics for the seminar are:

  • In vitro Methods to test for Endocrine Disrupting Properties
  • In vitro Skin sensitization – Challenges to Overcome
  • Eye Irritation ex vivo and in vitro methods – Current status
  • GARD® platform, genomic test for skin and respiratory sensitization with potency classification
  • New Developments in Genotoxicity Testing for Chemicals, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals – in vitro and in vivo Comet Assay

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