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Exploration of the GARD applicability domain – Skin sensitization assessment of UVCBs

Poster presented at Eurotox 2018 in collaboration with Lubrizol

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U. I.Torstensdotter Mattson1, C. Humfrey2, O. Larne1, H. Johansson1, L. Sweet3 1SenzaGen, Lund, Sweden, 2Lubrizol, Derbyshire, United Kingdom, 3Lubrizol, Ohio, United States of America


This case study demonstrates the broadening of the applicability domain of the GARD assay when assessing UVCBs.


In this study, four test items were evaluated. All the test items were “Unknown or Variable composition, Complex reaction products and Biological materials” materials (UVCBs), which were provided by Lubrizol and selected based on existing in vivo data (internal Lubrizol data). Skin sensitizing hazard was assessed using the GARDskin assay, and the GARDpotency assay for further subcategorized the sensitizers into strong 1 A) or weak 1 B) sensitizers according to GHS/CLP classification. The GARDskin predictions for test items 1, 2, 3 and the GARDpotency classifications for test item 2 and 3 were consistent with the in vivo data, whereas test item 4 showed inconsistency between the in vitro and in vivo methods. These results indicate the importance of screening a panel of different vehicles or mixtures thereof, in order to choose the appropriate solvent For one of the Test items, the DMSO extraction procedure generates a negative prediction while the experimental vehicle mixture, Glycerol and DMF, classifies the chemical as a skin sensitizer This case study demonstrates the broadening in applicability domain of the GARDassays when assessing UVCBs.