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Webinar: Safety of acrylate monomers, metals, and other materials used in medical device development

Join our upcoming free webinar to explore the effective utilization of in vitro methods for safety assessment of materials during product development of Medical Devices.

We will discuss recent advancements in in vitro methods for assessing the endpoints of skin irritation and skin sensitization. Learn how to integrate these assessments into your product development process as a complement to chemical characterization and cytotoxicity testing.

Discover how this approach can aid in:

Selecting the right material | Developing new materials | Optimizing production | Choosing the appropriate sterilization method

Key takeaways

*Gain insights into the key fundamentals of the biological evaluation of medical devices and the availability of in vitro biocompatibility testing.

*Explore the applicability of the in vitro GARD technology in the assessment of medical devices, supporting both polar and non-polar extraction vehicles (ISO 10993-12).

*Examine user cases illustrating the safety assessment of acrylate monomers, metals, and various materials utilized in medical device development. Learn how these assessments contribute to material selection and production optimization.