SenzaGen wins its largest order for non-animal testing with GARD® – value SEK 4.2m

SenzaGen has secured an order for non-animal testing with GARD®skin Dose-Response from a larger international industry association. The order, valued at SEK 4.2 million, represents the largest single purchasing commitment of GARD® test to date, confirming the strength and the many unique application areas of the technology. The tests will be performed in SenzaGen's GLP-certified laboratory in Lund during the coming six to nine months.

SenzaGen’s unique GARD®skin Dose-Response test provides the customer with information on the dosage at which skin sensitizers can be used in consumer products without inducing skin allergies in humans.

“The transition from animal testing to methods that provide better results for humans is ongoing in the toxicology testing industry and SenzaGen has taken the lead in skin sensitization. The order, which is our largest to date, is a result of the GARD® technology's unique capabilities to provide quantitative information and the strong relationship we have built with the customer over a long time. It marks a major milestone for the company and significantly strengthens our market position. We are very much looking forward to providing the customer with valuable data to determine safe levels for substances in humans, a need that the industry has expressed for a long time”, says Peter Nählstedt, President and CEO, SenzaGen AB.

GARD®skin Dose-Response is a unique non-animal test that provides quantitative information on the concentration at which a substance causes allergy. The test enables companies in industries including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and chemicals to identify the concentration of a substance at which it is safe for human use, which serves as a crucial basis for prioritization and decision-making in research and development. The test is an expanded application domain of GARD®skin, and it is one of the first of its kind on the market.