SenzaGen secures SEK 0.6 m order from a new European customer in the chemical industry

SenzaGen has received an order with a value of approximately SEK 0.6 million from a new global customer in the chemical industry. The order includes SenzaGen's tests to assess whether chemical substances in products can cause allergic reactions to skin (GARD™skin) or in the respiratory tract (GARD™air). The tests will be carried out in SenzaGen's GLP certified laboratory in Lund.

The customer has its headquarters in Europe and is a leading supplier of specialty chemicals and sustainable technologies. With the combination of GARD tests, the customer can identify substances with various allergy-causing effects during both product development and manufacturing for the first time, which contributes to cost savings for the company and safer products to society. At the same time, the customer minimizes the risk during chemical manufacturing by offering a safer work environment.

“The chemical industry has a great need for chemical sensitization testing and is one of our prioritized target markets. With this order we continue to deliver in line with our strategic initiatives. The fact that the customer tests difficult-to-test samples for both skin and respiratory allergies makes this an important reference order”, says Axel Sjöblad, CEO of SenzaGen.

SenzaGen’s test platform GARD targets companies looking to optimize their in vitro testing strategy; increasing the accuracy of their test results while avoiding animal testing. Through its high accuracy, GARD improves the quality of customers’ decision-making and contributes to increased product safety in people’s everyday lives while reducing the number of animal experiments. SenzaGen is the only company that can offer a non-animal, so called in vitro test, for chemical respiratory allergens.