SenzaGen receives order of SEK 0.6 million from new global customer

SenzaGen will assess the sensitizing hazards of chemicals for a new global customer with in-house product development. The assignment includes SenzaGen's tests to assess whether chemical substances can cause allergic reactions in skin (GARD[™]skin) or in the respiratory tract (GARD[™]air) with a value of approximately SEK 0.6 million. The tests will be carried out at SenzaGen's laboratory in Lund.

The customer has its headquarters in Europe where research and development have a central role. With the combination of GARD tests, the customer can for the first time identify substances with various allergy-causing effects during product development, which contributes to cost savings for the company and safer products to the society.

“This assignment is important for several reasons. We now begin to see the results of our sales efforts and from the new commercial organization that we started to build during the fall. The fact that the customer wants to test chemicals for both skin and respiratory allergies makes this an important reference order,” says Axel Sjöblad, CEO of SenzaGen.

SenzaGen’s test platform GARD targets companies looking to optimize their in vitro testing strategy; increasing the accuracy of their test results while avoiding animal testing. Through its precision and reliability, GARD improves the quality of customers’ decision-making and contributes to increased product safety in people’s everyday lives while reducing the number of animal experiments. SenzaGen is the only company that can offer a non-animal, so called in vitro test, for identification of chemical respiratory allergens.

For more information, please contact:
Axel Sjöblad, CEO, SenzaGen AB
Email: | Mobile: +46 705 35 93 51

Tina Dackemark Lawesson, VP Marketing & Communications
Email: | Mobile: +46 708 20 29 44

About GARD™
GARD™ consists of a group of tests for analyzing chemicals’ ability to start an allergic reaction in humans. The tests are performed on human cells in test tubes (in vitro) in combination with artificial intelligence. By analyzing hundreds of markers, GARD™ generates large amounts of data and delivers results with over 90 percent accuracy. This can be compared to today’s standard method – tests on animals – which only achieves 70-75 percent accuracy. The product portfolio consists of tests for skin and respiratory allergy: GARD™skin, GARD™air, GARD™potency and GARD™skin Medical Device.

About SenzaGen AB (publ) 
SenzaGen’s technology enables replacement of animal experiments with genetic testing in test tubes for determining the allergenicity of the chemicals we come into contact with in our daily lives, such as those in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food products and dyes. The company’s patented tests are the most reliable on the market and provide more information than traditional evaluation methods. SenzaGen sells direct in Sweden and the US, and through partners in several other countries. Over the next few years the company will grow geographically, make alliances with additional distribution and license partners, and launch new unique tests. SenzaGen has its headquarters in Lund in Sweden and a subsidiary in the US. For more information, please visit

SenzaGen AB is listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm (ticker: SENZA) and FNCA Sweden AB, +46(0)8-528 00 399, is the company’s Certified Adviser.