SenzaGen receives order for GARD™skin and GARD™potency from a major US chemical company

SenzaGen will assess the skin sensitizing hazards of chemicals for a global chemical company based in the US. The new order, with a value of approximately SEK 0.4 million, includes testing with both GARD™skin and GARD™potency. The unique ability of the GARD technology to assess formulations and determine whether a substance is a weak or strong allergen without animal testing, was key for the order. The tests will be carried out at SenzaGen's laboratory in Lund, Sweden.

With an industry-leading product and technology pipeline, the customer is headquartered in the US and operates globally. Connected to one of the customer’s investigatory projects, this new order follows a successful evaluation of the GARD tests earlier this year.

“I am very pleased about this collaboration and we are looking forward to supporting their safety testing needs now and in the future. The chemical industry as a whole has a great need for safety testing and this project is in line with the customer’s commitment to the 3Rs – reduce, refine and replace animals in toxicology testing. It is with global customer references like this that we build credibility and lay the foundation for future growth”, says Axel Sjöblad, CEO of SenzaGen.

SenzaGen’s test platform GARD provides a highly accurate in vitro method for skin sensitization assessment of chemicals, including formulations, traditionally considered “difficult-to-test” samples. The method targets companies looking to optimize their testing strategy, thus increasing the safety of products while avoiding animal testing.