SenzaGen AB completes successful collaboration with Beiersdorf

SenzaGen AB completes successful collaboration with Beiersdorf

2014-11-19, Lund, Sweden

SenzaGen AB, a diagnostic spin-off company from Lund University, reports the successful completion of a collaboration with Beiersdorf.

SenzaGen AB, a diagnostic company working to replace animal testing, has been collaborating with Beiersdorf to evaluate its skin sensitization test for chemicals.

SenzaGen AB is based on research at the Department of Immunotechnology at Lund University, providing animal-free, in vitro sensitization tests for the cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Beiersdorf has been working in the development and recognition of alternative methods for more than 20 years and is one of the main players in the cosmetic industry in Europe. An industry that is highly interested in recommendations in this field – especially after the ban in March 2013 on animal testing in the cosmetic industry.

“It has been very valuable for SenzaGen to be able to challenge its skin sensitization test in an industrial setting.” says Prof. Carl Borrebaeck, chairman of the board of SenzaGen.

In the collaboration, blind testing of two industrial test sets of chemicals were performed using the SenzaGen proprietary GARD assay, resulting in an accuracy of 89%.

About SenzaGen

SenzaGen AB is an early-phase diagnostics company based on strong research and know-how of the immune system and its reaction to hazardous agents, such as irritants and allergens. The company’s products are genetic tests for sensitizing agents, which have been designed based on how indicator cells react when exposed to a variety of chemicals.

SenzaGen AB was created to meet the international demand to replace existing animal testing for regulatory purposes and to provide novel tools for early decision-making in product development. SenzaGen AB services will offer the most accurate, animal-free in vitro testing option for manufacturers of cosmetics, chemicals, food, and pharmaceuticals.

SenzaGen AB is a spin-off company founded by researchers at Lund University to bring academic results to good use for society. The company is situated in facilities at Medicon Village, Lund, Sweden.

For more information please contact:

Carl Borrebaeck, Chairman of the Board, SenzaGen AB

+46 708 218330