in vitro skin sensitization

GARDskin is a robust in vitro test to identify potential chemical skin sensitizers with broad applicability and over 90% prediction accuracy. The test provides a binary prediction, classifying the test samples into either a skin sensitizers or non-sensitizer.

Approved by OECD for regulatory testing

As a new method included in OECD TG 442E for in vitro skin sensitization, GARDskin supports discrimination of skin sensitizers and non-sensitizers in accordance with the UN GHS.

Your stand-alone test for product development

With demonstrated high performance and broad applicability, GARDskin is appreciated across industries as a stand-alone product development in vitro tool for skin sensitization hazard assessment.

Based on your needs within in vitro skin sensitization, GARDskin Dose-Response is available as a test option for quantitative potency assessment.

Do you have “difficult-to-test” samples?

GARDskin works for a wide variety of test chemicals, with demonstrated applicability to evaluate “difficult-to-test” samples, including:

  • Complex mixtures
  • Indirectly acting haptens
  • Lipophilic compounds
  • Metal and metal salts
  • Solid materials
  • Surfactants
196 genes

The number of biomarkers used in GARDskin.