GARD®skin Dose-Response.

In vitro quantitative assessment of skin sensitizing potency

GARDskin Dose-Response is an in vitro test for quantitative skin sensitizing potency assessment of chemicals, adapted from GARDskin (OECD TG 442E).

GARDskin Dose-Response provides an estimated threshold concentration for a test substance to induce skin sensitizing effects; a lower concentration equals a higher potency and vice versa. This threshold concentration can be used for skin sensitizing potency ranking of candidate ingredients and early decision-making during product development.

Additionally, readouts provide a prediction of correlating LLNA EC3 values, which is traditionally used to measure the skin sensitizing potency of chemicals. Furthermore, the readout can also predict human skin sensitizing potency and/or GHS/CLP classification (1A or 1B), all with high statistical significance.

Non-animal readout to predict:

  • LLNA EC3 value
  • Human skin sensitizing potency
  • GHS/CLP classification (1A or 1B)
196 genes

The number of biomarkers used in GARDskin Dose-Response.