New session: Webinar GARD™skin Dose-Response

Given the huge interest in our previous webinar on GARDskin Dose-Response, we are pleased to offer you a new opportunity to get to know this novel in vitro test. The webinar will start with a recorded presentation followed by a live Q&A session. You will learn how the assay works and how it can help […]

Webinar: Safer Medical Devices

In Vitro Skin Sensitization Testing with Human Relevance and High Accuracy In this webinar you will learn how combining genomics and machine learning provides a highly accurate in vitro method for assessment of skin sensitization hazard in medical device extracts, prepared according to ISO 10993-12. What You Will Learn Attendees will gain insights into: How GARD™skin Medical […]

Webinar: Why choose GARD™ for sensitization testing?

In vitro, high accuracy, broad applicability Join this free webinar to learn how the GARD™ assays, based on genomics and machine learning, provide a highly accurate method for skin sensitization hazard and potency assessment of chemicals, including “difficult-to-test” substances. Key topics: An introduction to the prediction model, genomics and machine learning technology The broad applicability […]

Webinar: How is GARD™ used for sensitization testing?

User cases on hazard and potency assessment Join us for this free webinar to get the latest news about the in vitro GARD™ assays and how they are used across various industries to fill data gaps in sensitizing hazard and potency assessment of chemicals and medical devices. Key topics We will provide several user cases […]

Nouvelle session – Cosmetic Safety 3.0 Webinaire France

Webinaire en français (in French) Participez à ce webinaire sur les nouvelles technologies in vitro utilisées pour l’évaluation des produits cosmétiques organisé par PKDerm, GenEvolutioN et SenzaGen avec la participation de CEHTRA – experts en toxicologie. Suite au grand intérêt porté à la précédente édition de notre webinaire Cosmetic 3.0, nous sommes ravis de vous convier à […]

Webinar: Skin Sensitizing Potency Assessment: Filling in data gaps

In this webinar you will learn how combining genomics and machine learning provides a highly accurate in vitro method for qualitative and quantitative skin sensitizing potency assessment, filling in data gaps in safety testing projects. The webinar will last around 30 minutes, followed by a live Q&A. Even If you cannot attend the live event, […]

SaferWorldbyDesign Webinar: A novel in vitro approach for quantitative assessment of skin sensitizing potency

This presentation will introduce GARDskin Dose-Response assay, a novel approach for the assessment of relative skin sensitizing potency on a continuous scale. Results demonstrate that induction of toxicity pathways in GARDskin Dose-Response appears to be highly dose-dependent, and the lowest concentration required to induce a positive classification in the assay correlates strongly and significantly with […]

Webinar: Spotlight on Difficult-to-Test samples

Join our upcoming webinar to explore the recent advancement in GARD® for Skin Sensitization assessment, with a specific focus on substances that fall outside the applicability domains of the conventional in vitro assays in the OECD Test Guidelines. Our skin sensitization experts will address challenges posed by various Difficult-to-Test substances, discussing the applicability domain of […]

Webinar: Meta-analysis of GARD® data, 200+ chemicals

Spotlight on in vitro quantitative assessment of skin sensitizing potency. Join our upcoming webinar to explore the recent advancement in GARD® for quantitative assessment of skin sensitizing potency. This session will present a meta-analysis of GARD® data covering over 200 chemicals, including three blinded datasets generated in collaboration with industry partners. These data will demonstrate […]