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SenzaGen hosts network meeting Understanding Biocompatibility of Medical Devices, October 2, at Medicon Village in Lund

SenzaGen is proud to be hosting the event Understanding Biocompatibility of Medical Devices on October 2, in Lund, in cooperation with the Medicon Valley Medtech Network. The regulatory framework of the medical device industry is going through major changes and the complexity of the process is increasing due to new requirements and standards. All medical devices […]

Extended applicability domain with new solvent selection for the GARD platform

Jenvert RM, Larne O, TorstensdotterMattssonU. I., Johansson H, SenzaGen, Lund, Sweden Introduction The Genomic Allergen Rapid Detection (GARD) assay is a state of the art in vitro assay developed for the assessment of skin sensitizers. It is based on gene expression analysis of SenzaCells, a human myeloid cell line, after stimulation by the test item. During […]

Exploration of the GARD® applicability domain – Sensitization assessment of UVCBs

U. I. Torstensdotter Mattson, C. Humfrey, O. Larne, H. Johansson, L. Sweet SenzaGen, Lund, Sweden, Lubrizol, Derbyshire, United Kingdom, Lubrizol, Ohio, United States of America Introduction The GARD – Genomic Allergen Rapid Detection – platform is a state of the art in vitro assay for assessment of chemical sensitizers. The GARD®skin assay is a powerful […]

The Validation of GARD®skin

Sandberg P, Johansson A, Agemark M, Gradin R, Larne O, Appelgren H, Forreryd A, Jerre A, Edwards A, Hoepflinger V, Burleson F, Gehrke H, Roggen E, Johansson H SenzaGen, Lund, Sweden, Burleson Research Technologies, Morrisville, US, Eurofins, Munich, Germany Introduction The prevalence of allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) is estimated to >20% in the western world. […]

Predicting skin sensitizaers with confidence-Using conformal prediction to determine applicability domain

Objective GARD – Genomic Allergen Rapid Detection – is a state of the art non-animal based technology platform for classification of skin sensitizing chemicals. The assay has proven to be reliable and highly accurate for identification of skin sensitizing chemicals, and consistently reports predictive performances > 90% across external test sets. The aim of the […]

The use of GARDskin for sensitization evaluation of cosmetic ingredients and ‘real-life’ mixtures

Renato Ivan de Ávila, Tim Lindbergh, Malin Lindstedt and Marize Campos Valadares Lab. of Education and Research in Pharmacology and Cellular Toxicology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Federal University of Goiás, Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil. Department of Immunotechnology, Medicon Village, Lund University, Lund, Sweden.   Introduction Genomic fingerprints in dendritic cells after chemical exposure is a recent strategy […]

SenzaGen co-hosting international workshop on Skin Sensitization in Brazil 21st August 2018

SenzaGen is co-hosting a workshop on skin sensitization at the Federal University of Goiás, Faculty of Pharmacy, Goiás. The workshop, relevant both for Industry and Academy, is a collaboration between SenzaGen AB – Laboratório de Farmacologia e Toxicologia Celular- FarmaTec-FF on new tools for skin sensitization testing. During the workshop you will have the chance […]

SenzaGen presents in Brazil

SenzaGen is a proud sponsor and contributor at the 2nd  Pan-American Conference for Alternative Methods on August 23-24, 2018 in Rio de Janeiro. We are very pleased to see the changes in Brazil and support the development on introducing alternative methods for chemical testing. The country is now banning animal tests in cosmetics in one […]

Prediction of chemical respiratory sensitizers using GARD

a novel in vitro assay based on a genomic biomarker signature Henrik Johansson, Andy Forreryd, Robin Gradin, Angelica Johansson, Olivia Larne, Emil Aaltonen, Anders Jerre, Carl A.K. Borrebaeck and Malin Lindstedt SenzaGen AB, Lund, Sweden. Department of Immunotechnology, Lund, Sweden.   Introduction Exposure to chemicals may induce allergic hypersensitivity reactions in skin or respiratory tract. […]

SenzaGen to present at LIVe 2018 in Nice, July 5th-6th

On July 5th-6th, SenzaGen will be an attending sponsor at LIVe 2018 (Lung In Vitro event for innovative & predictive models) in Nice, France. The meeting intends to be a unique exchange platform for scientists interested in in vitro respiratory researches, stakeholders from academia, pharma, biotech, chemical, tobacco, consumer goods, medical devices industries, CROs and […]