SenzaGen and VitroScreen join forces

SenzaGen and VitroScreen have decided to join forces. The highly accurate and broadly applicable skin sensitization test platform GARD will be joined by a recognized pre-clinical CRO and leading in vitro research laboratory.

By joining forces, SenzaGen and VitroScreen will be able to combine their respective knowledge and expertise in novel and advanced biological systems, genomics, proteomics and machine learning to create innovative tools to help the industry transition to animal free testing with high performance human-based technology. SenzaGen and VitroScreen will provide a broadened in vitro service portfolio ranging from in vitro toxicology to preclinical efficacy testing.

About VitroScreen
For more than 20 years, VitroScreen has been leading innovation in pre-clinical testing based exclusively 3D human advanced tissue models offering their services to customers in the pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetic, chemical, agrochemical and nutritional industries as more biologically relevant alternatives to animal testing. Based in Milan, Italy, VitroScreen provides pre-clinical research services organized in the following business units:

  • GLP certified facility for in vitro regulatory toxicology.
  • Pre-clinical in vitro efficacy testing platform on 3D advanced human tissue models.
  • In vitro Innovation Center with the VitroScreen ORA™ platform for the production of spheroids and organoids and microbiome research.
  • In vitro Consulting unit providing advice on regulatory in vitro toxicology strategies.

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