Big pharma screens development candidates with GARDskin

SenzaGen has been selected to test substances from a leading global pharmaceuticals company. The pharmaceuticals company, which is one of the largest in the world, has global operations with a uniquely wide range of treatment areas. With GARD®skin, the company aims to determine whether new development candidates can cause allergic reactions on the skin.

“We are delighted that one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world has chosen to partner with SenzaGen and has decided to test substances with GARD®skin, which once again validates the value of GARD®skin internationally. Our test method provides them with fast and reliable results, making it possible to ensure that their substances cannot cause skin allergies already during the development phase. This project serves as further proof that our innovative technology is highly interesting to leading companies in the pharmaceuticals industry,” says Peter Nählstedt, CEO of SenzaGen.

SenzaGen’s GARD® test platform is designed for companies looking to improve their testing strategy and enhance the accuracy of their test results while avoiding animal testing.

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