senzagen skin derma

Meet us in Almedalen – The researchers behind the GARDtest and SenzaGen’s lab technicians on site.

Meet Andy Forreryd from Lund University and Angelica Johansson from SenzaGen in the organisation of Research Without Animal Experiments, 6th and 7th of July. During two seminars, Andy will tell us about the research behind GARD. There will be opportunities for questions and hands on practical lab work so that you can experience and see how the test works.

With research money from different organisations, including Research Without Animal Experiments, the university has developed a unique allergy test that with higher precision than existing tests can determine if a chemical can induce skin allergy. The test is carried out in test tubes and replaces the need for animal testing when safety testing chemicals.

The GARDtestet is now owned, sold and marketed by SenzaGen AB for global commercialization with the aim of becoming a new industry standard on the international chemical safety testing market. Angelica Johansson is on site to talk about GARD’s journey from laboratory to global market. Link in Swedish.