GARD™ – The story

Olivia Larne, Andy Forreryd, Ann Sofie Albrekt, Carl Arne Krister Borrebaeck, Henrik Johansson, Malin Lindstedt
SenzaGen, Sweden, Lund, Department of Immunotechnology, Lund University, Sweden, Lund



To prevent the general population for unnecessary exposure to sensitizing substances, the substances have to be safety tested. Regulatory authorities and economic interests request animal free methodology. Genomic Allergen Rapid Detection, GARD, is an in vitro test developed for the prediction of sensitizing chemicals. It is based on differential expression of disease-associated genomic biomarkers in a human myeloid dendritic cell line.
Here, we describe the development of the GARD platform and its downstream innovations.

GARD – The Story_ESTIV 2016