Potency potential of chemicals using GARD shown by independent laboratory

The platform that forms the basis for the GARD sensitization assay, has been shown to have the potential to be an accurate tool for measuring the potency of sensitizing chemicals. The study was performed by an independent research group at Department of Immunotechnology, Lund University in Sweden and presented at the Society of Toxicology 55th Annual Meeting in New Orleans, 2016.

The new data were presented on Tuesday at the Society of Toxicology 55th Annual Meeting in New Orleans, poster session “Alternative Models for Ocular and Skin Toxicity”, abstract number 2205, P136.

-We have for a long time seen indications that this platform could predict potency and we are very happy to be able to present data that further points in that direction now, since it opens up completely new possibilities in skin sensitizations, says Assoc. Prof. Malin Lindstedt, heading the group at Department of Immunotechnology.

Based at Medicon Village in Lund, SenzaGen develops and implements animal-free tests on chemicals and proteins for classification of sensitizers, primarily for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. SenzaGen’s test GARD
(Genomic Allergen Rapid Detection) measures significantly more parameters than existing tests on the market and has previously shown to deliver the most accurate prediction for hazard classification of chemicals. Now it has also shown potential to be a key player in the important field of risk assessment of chemicals by being able to predict the potency of chemicals.

-Potency has been the long-sought for application of sensitization tests. In risk assessment it is imperative to be able to predict not only the hazard of a chemical but more importantly how strong inducer of sensitization it is, i.e. the potency of the chemical. Lund University has now in a large study shown that GARD has this ability, which makes GARD unique, and we are looking forward to take part of this and develop it further, says Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO of SenzaGen AB.

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