SenzaGen presenterar på Unicorn Summit den 7 mars 2017

SenzaGens vd Anki Malmborg Hager kommer att presentera bolagets spännande utveckling vid Vator Securities Unicorn Summit den 7 mars 2017.

Presentationen kommer beskriva hur företaget kommersialiserar och vidareutvecklar sina genombaserade tester (GARD), vilka kan bedöma om kemikalier vi kommer i kontakt med i vår vardag är allergiframkallande – ett ständigt ökande problem.  Testerna bygger på hur 200 gener i mänskliga celler reagerar på det ämnen som testas, vilket innebär att de är betydligt mer tillförlitliga och ger mer information än dagens analysmetoder och kan minska behovet av försöksdjur.
– Vårt test har en tillförlitlighet på 90 procent, medan djurförsök hamnade runt 75 procent, konstaterar Anki Mamborg Hager, vd för Senzagen.

Unicorn Summit är en kapitalmarknadsdag som anordnas av Vator Sercurities för att sammanföra några av de mest innovativa och snabbväxande svenska life science-bolagen med investerare. För mer information och anmälan till arrangemanget, se

För mer information:

Anki Malmborg Hager, VD, SenzaGen AB
Tel: +46 768 284822

Om SenzaGen
SenzaGen gör det möjligt att ersätta djurförsök med genetiska tester i provrör för att bedöma om de kemikalier vi kommer i kontakt med i vår vardag är allergiframkallande. Det kan till exempel handla om kosmetika, läkemedel, livsmedel och färgämnen. Bolagets patentskyddade tester är de mest tillförlitliga på marknaden och ger mer information än traditionella utvärderingsmetoder. Testerna säljs i egen regi i Sverige och USA, och genom partners i flera andra länder. De närmaste åren kommer bolaget expandera geografiskt, knyta till sig fler distributionspartners och lansera nya, unika tester. SenzaGen har sitt huvudkontor i Lund och dotterbolag i San Francisco, USA. För mer information, besök

SenzaGen awarded EU grant of € 2,4 million in heavy competition, to develop GARDair for industry use

SenzaGen has received a grant of € 2,4 million from the EU’s research and innovation framework program Horizon 2020 to develop GARDair, the first generation test for respiratory allergies.

GARDair is the first in vitro test that can detect air-borne chemicals that cause respiratory allergies, by using a unique gene technology. This follows the international 3Rs principle, Reduce, Replace and Refine, and is the first cell-based alternative to animal testing for the respiratory tract. The grant of 2,4 million Euros means that SenzaGen can develop and refine GARDair at the same time as being able to increase the pace of commercial development and the launch of another new product line. The grant runs for 24 months.

“We are incredibly delighted and proud to be part of the EU’s investment in the future, Horizon 2020. The fact that they choose to invest in 3Rs technologies shows how important this is. It is a confirmation of the potential of our technology platform, as well as a unique business opportunity to build on our product portfolio of commercially viable tests at a significantly faster rate, says Anki Malmborg”, CEO of SenzaGen.

“It is important in many different industries to be able to test the capacity of chemicals to affect the respiratory system, and today there are no tests for this. There’s a huge need for safety testing, and the grant from the EU gives us a unique opportunity together with partners from various different industries to develop the respiratory test of the future in accordance with OECD guidelines, says Henrik Johansson,” Senior Scientist at SenzaGen.

SenzaGen’s EU application has been coordinated by GAEU Consulting AB and received a exceptionally high score of 14,26 out of 15 in the EU evaluation, proving excellency both in the invention and in the application document.


For more information:
Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO, SenzaGen AB
Tel: +46 768 284822


Horizon 2020 in brief
Horizon 2020 is the EU’s framework program for research and innovation. The program is the world’s largest investment in research and innovation and has a total budget of around € 80 billion (2014-2020). The aim is to ensure the EU’s global competitiveness. For more on Horizon 2020, see:

Anki Malmborg Hager elected one of the two most powerful people among Lund technology companies according to Rapidus ranking

The news site Rapidus has been looking into nealy 180 companies of extended IDEON business park in Lund, Sweden in a unique survey of decision-makers of the region. Ericsson veteran Tord Wingren and Alligator Bioscience co-founder Anki Malmborg-Hager were ranked two of the most powerful people among Lund technology companies.

Rapidus writes:

Leeding up to the expansion of the concept of Ideon, Rapidus went through the records of company boards and chief executives of all technology companies which have their registered office at Ideon Medicon Village, Mobile Heights Center and Edison Park.

In total it ads up to around 700 decision makers of almost 180 companies. Most of them only sit on one board or CEO positions however 56 of these people have posiotions in more than one technology company on the extended Ideon area. At the top of the list are a dozen people with at least three appointments, including the CEO of Jolife Erik von Schenck and Professor Carl Borrebaeck, who among several appointments is on the board of Alligator Bioscience and Clinical Laserthermia Systems.

Read the full news at Rapidus site (olny subscribers)

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SenzaGen starts blogging for Swedish leading financial newspaper Dagens Industri.

Follow our CEO, Anki Malmborg Hager here on the new blog at our web site under Mixed Media/blogs or at Di Gasell.

The blog will be in Swedish

Anki Malmborg Hager

SenzaGen talks about start-ups and entrepreneurship in meeting with Swedish Parliament in Stockholm – and local visit at Medicon Village

As of nine years/each year, the Swedish business organisation ALMI Skåne hosts a much appreciated and well-attended meeting between members of parliament and entrepreneurs from the start-up scene in Skåne and Blekinge. The ninth edition of the meeting took place on 19 of April, at the parliament in Stockholm.

The aim of the meeting is to highlight the positive diversity within the business scene in Skåne, Sweden, and to shed some light on the reality in which these companies live and breath. This year, three local companies attended the meeting where they were able to present and discuss their companies prospects’, opportunities and challenges. The personal setting of the meeting was appreciated by both MPs and entrepreneurs.

SenzaGen was one of the three attending companies, represented by the CEO Anki Malmborg Hager who took the opportunity to present SenzaGen and her experiences and thoughts about entrepreneurship. The presentation covered the journey that SenzaGen has taken since the start in 2010 as well as the situation of other companies originating from Lund University.

“I think the meeting was very fruitful. The representatives of the Committee on Industry and Trade and the Committee on Education were very familiar with and committed to the issues that are most important to us as a spin out from Lund University University. For that reason, it is especially exciting that they will visit us at Medicon Village in May, says Anki Malmborg Hager”, CEO of SenzaGen AB.

The Committee on Education and the Committee on Industry and Trade will visit Medicon Village and SenzaGen at two separate occasions during May.