SenzaGen and Bioglan working together for the next generation of test methods

SenzaGen has signed a cooperation agreement with the pharmaceutical company Bioglan, which develops and manufactures creams and ointments for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The collaboration means that Bioglan will test GARDskin for skin allergens in a number of creams that are included in various end products.

Bioglan is a pharmaceutical company that focuses on research, development and manufacture of medicines, especially semi-solids such as creams and ointments. Bioglan manufactures topical medicines and personal care products for customers within the pharmaceutical industry. The company works with everything from product development and clinical trials through to full-scale production. Safety testing and allergy testing are part of Bioglan’s everyday routine and today human skin patch tests are the preferred method of testing end products for skin allergies. SenzaGen’s GARDskin offers an alternative that may eventually replace these tests and therefore the two companies have now chosen to enter into a partnership where the use of GARDskin on complex end products will be further developed.

“With Bioglan we’ll benefit from an extensive exchange of knowledge and will have the opportunity to test GARDskin on several different formulations. We will also gain a deeper understanding of the extraction process, and can thus develop our products and processes further. Our goal is that GARDskin will work even on end products, and that more companies will therefore take note of our technology and realize that there are safer and better tests than the ones which are still routinely used in many places today,” says Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO of SenzaGen.

Bioglan, with its production in Malmö, seeks to depart from traditional testing methods on human skin and instead use the next generation’s GARD test for safety testing of the company’s products. GARDskin investigates and finds allergens in chemicals and pharmaceutical preparations through a unique genome technology that completely replaces the need for animal testing. The goal is that GARDskin should replace current tests, thus providing a better assessment of allergenicity and a more cost-effective approach.


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About Bioglan

Bioglan AB is your partner from product development through to full-scale manufacturing. We offer a total solution for all your production and service needs. Bioglan welcomes both small and large challenges, and is your partner of choice for

  • One-off studies during product development
  • Production of material for clinical trials (phase I – III)
  • Commercial scale production for international markets

With more than twenty five years of experience in research, development and manufacturing of medicines, we can offer you all the services you need within the areas of semi-solids and liquids.

SenzaGen signs its first distribution agreement with British XCellR8, a leader in animal-free testing

In line with SenzaGen’s long-term strategy and business model, the company has now signed its first distribution agreement with the British test lab company XCellR8. The agreement confirms the interest in SenzaGen’s technology and opens up new business opportunities as XCellR8 will actively market the GARDskin for cosmetics, personal care and household products and their ingredient suppliers globally.

“This agreement is important for us, not only because we now see that our business model works, we also see that there is an increased interest in our technology and we get access to a new market with a well-established and highly competent and renowned partner. XCellR8 is one of the industry’s foremost ambassadors of non-animal tests, says Anki Malmborg Hager,” CEO of SenzaGen.

XCellR8 was established in 2008 with a mission to replace animal testing with methods that are both scientifically advanced and ethically sound.  The company works with a number of leading global cosmetic companies and their ingredient suppliers, and has become the “go-to” laboratory for in vitro testing expertise for both product safety and efficacy / claim support.

“By working with GARD we take a step into the future. With the use of genomics based testing we are moving towards safer and better tests, and ultimately more reliable consumer products without the need for animal testing,” says Dr Carol Treasure, CEO of XCellR8


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Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO, SenzaGen AB
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Carol Treasure, Founder & MD, XCellR8
Mobile: +44 7899 845222


About XCellR8
XcellR8 offers animal-free testing for companies with products on the cosmetic, personal care and household product market and their ingredients suppliers. The company helps customers develop safe and innovative new products, to follow the law, and to choose non-animal test methods that are both scientifically advanced and ethical.

XCellR8 ‘s British laboratory is accredited according to GLP standard (Good Laboratory Practice), which means that the company can offer their customers test results that can be used according to regulatory requirements to prove product safety.

XCellR8 are proactive and contributing to the global commitment to replace animal testing through research and education programs.


About GARD
By analyzing 200 and 389 markers, depending on the test, GARD generates massive amounts of data and delivers results with 90 % prediction accuracy. This can be compared to the gold standard, animal tests in mice, that provides 72 % prediction. SenzaGen’s test also has the ability to measure potency (strength) of a substance and can thus determine the degree to which a substance is an allergen.

About SenzaGen
SenzaGen provides dermal and respiratory in vitro testing for the cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries replacing the need for animal testing. The company’s unique test, GARD, is based on research from the Department of Immunotechnology at Lund University. SenzaGen is based at Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden.

SenzaGen AB completes successful collaboration with Beiersdorf AG.

SenzaGen AB, a diagnostic spin-off company from Lund University, reports the successful completion of a collaboration with Beiersdorf.

SenzaGen AB, a diagnostic company working to replace animal testing, has been collaborating with Beiersdorf to evaluate its skin sensitization test for chemicals.

SenzaGen AB is based on research at the Department of Immunotechnology at Lund University, providing animal-free, in vitro sensitization tests for the cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Beiersdorf has been working in the development and recognition of alternative methods for more than 20 years and is one of the main players in the cosmetic industry in Europe. An industry that is highly interested in recommendations in this field – especially after the ban in March 2013 on animal testing in the cosmetic industry.

“It has been very valuable for SenzaGen to be able to challenge its skin sensitization test in an industrial setting.” says Prof. Carl Borrebaeck, chairman of the board of SenzaGen.

In the collaboration, blind testing of two industrial test sets of chemicals were performed using the SenzaGen proprietary GARD assay, resulting in an accuracy of 89%.