Research on GARDprotein published in highly reputed scientific journal

SenzaGen announces that research findings that support the development of a new application area for the company’s test platform GARDTM have been published in the highly reputed journal Toxicology in Vitro. The research described in the publication constitutes the basis of GARDprotein – a test method currently being developed to be able to eliminate allergy-inducing proteins from today’s and tomorrow’s foodstuffs.

In the publication, An alternative biomarker-based approach for the prediction of proteins known to sensitize the respiratory tract, a research group from Lund University describes its successful work on the identification of a unique set of genes, gene signature, that makes it possible to evaluate the allergenic characteristics of proteins. This gene signature constitutes the basis of the development of GARDprotein, a test that has the potential to meet the growing needs of the food industry to avoid allergy-inducing substances in their products.

As previously announced, a scientific evaluation of GARDprotein has already been carried out. The positive results of this evaluation were recently announced at The 3rd ImpARAS Conference in Helsingør, Denmark. The results show that with a high degree of accuracy and reliability the test method can reduce the risk that proteins in food are incorrectly categorized as allergenic or that their allergenic properties are not detected in time.

The article :
An alternative biomarker-based approach for the prediction of proteins known to sensitize the respiratory tract. Zeller KS, Johansson H, Lund TØ, Kristensen NN, Roggen EL, Lindstedt M.

Published in Toxicology In Vitroonline available via this link:


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Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO, SenzaGen AB
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SenzaGen CEO Anki Malmborg Hager presents at Swetox conference on future research without animal testing

SenzaGen’s CEO, Anki Malmborg Hager, gives a presentation today on October 17, entitled: A new, animal-free allergy test with the goal of becoming a “golden standard” for risk assessment in the cosmetics and chemical industry. An innovation company with the next generation tests tells their story. The presentation will take place during the SWETOX conference at Hasselbacken in Stockholm

The conference, The Future on Research on Animal-Free Methods, is organized by SWETOX and is part of the communication “New Animal-Free Methods to Meet the Need for Safe Chemicals” funded by the Research Council FORMAS. SWETOX visions on reaching A Safe Chemical World and Toxicological Risk Assessment Without Animal Experiments, will be the starting point of the day.

The conference aim is to bring innovative people together and it is led by speakers from several pioneering research areas in animal-free research. The conference also addresses the political arena with closing discussions with Swedish politicians on site.

SWETOX is a national research centre for toxicology, a collaboration between eleven Swedish universities. The hub of the cooperation is a state-of-the-art and well-equipped facility in Gärtuna, outside Södertälje.


For more information about the conference (Swedish)


For more information
Anki Malmborg Hager, vd, SenzaGen AB
Telephone: +46 768 284822

Grundaren av SenzaGen och GARD, Malin Lindstedt, tilldelas priset som NYTÄNKAREN 2017 av stiftelsen Forska Utan Djurförsök

SenzaGens medgrundare, Professor Malin Lindstedt har tilldelats utmärkelsen Nytänkaren 2017 och 400 000 kronor av stiftelsen Forska Utan Djurförsök för sitt arbete med utveckling av djurfria testmetoder. Idag delades priset ut vid en sammankomst hos stiftelsen Forska Utan Djurförsök Stockholm

Professor Malin Lindstedt får priset för sin framgångsrika utveckling av avancerade testmetoder som kan minska och ersätta användningen av djur vid riskbedömning av kemikalier och konsumentprodukter.  Malin Lindstedt arbetar på Institutionen för Immunteknologi, Lunds universitet, där hon lett forskningen som ligger bakom den serie allergitester som nu marknadsförs under namnet GARD och som utgår från cellbaserade genanalyser. Under hennes ledning började en forskargrupp med att utveckla ett test för hudallergier. De har sedan fortsatt utvecklingen med ett test för att avgöra vilka ämnen som kan orsaka luftvägsallergier, och nu senast ett test som kan analysera proteiner som är förknippade med matallergier.

Under sitt arbete med att utveckla teknologin bakom GARD grundade Malin Lindstedt företaget SenzaGen, som nu ansvarar för att göra teknologin tillgänglig på den globala marknaden. Det först utvecklade testet, GARDskin, har redan börjat användas i begränsad omfattning. GARDskin ingår i en valideringsprocess för att upptas i OECD:s testriktlinjer för kemikalier, vilket skulle leda till att metoden får internationellt genomslag som valbar metod för att uppfylla regulatoriska krav för riskbedömning av kemikalier.

Priset från Forska utan Djurförsök belyser möjligheten att med avancerade metoder fortsätta att minska och ersätta användning av djur vid riskbedömning av kemikalier och konsumentprodukter i och utanför Sverige. Forska Utan Djurförsök vill med NYTÄNKAREN och tillhörande anslag särskilt stödja forskargruppens ambitioner att fortsätta utvecklingen av allergitester.

Nyheten om priset hos Stiftelsen Forska Utand Djurförsök


För mer information:
Anki Malmborg Hager, vd, SenzaGen AB
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New colleague at SenzaGen

Welcome to SenzaGen Henrik Appelgren!

Henrik has started his position as Chief Scientific Officer with us here at SenzaGen this week. Henrik is a biologist with a PhD in genetic toxicology. He has been working at the Swedish Chemicals Agency for 15 years, where he worked as Sweden’s national coordinator in the OECD Test Guideline Programme. Henrik has a deep knowledge in alternative test methods and of regulatory work in the chemical industry – both nationally and internationally. He also has long experience of health risk assessments of chemicals in all European legislation. He is, and has been, a member of several scientific expert councils including FORMAS, the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Fund for Research Without Animal Experiments, the Scandinavian Society for Cell Toxicology and EUToxRisk.

Henrik strengthens SenzaGen’s management for the commercialization of the GARD tests and prior to the company’s planned listing on Nasdaq First North.

We are very happy to have you in our team, Henrik!

SenzaGen is presenting at hosted session at the EUROTOX Congress in Bratislava

SenzaGen new Chief Scientific officer Hernik Appelgren will give a presentation on 21st century testing for skin sensitisation and updates on application of the GARD platform at The 53rd  European Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology, EUROTOX, on the 12th of Sept. SenzaGen is also Exhibiting at the congress and presenting two posters

The meeting promises scientific sessions houndreds of abstract presentations, exhibitors meetings, continuing education courses, awards presentations, receptions,  and  an exhibition area for exhibitors offering you the latest information on services and technology
Presentation details
Tuesday 12 Sep 10-11 AM | 
Memories, Hotel Sheraton
21st Century Sensitisation testing: Can one test be stand alone? Regulatory challenges and GARD applications update

Presented by: Henrik Appelgren, Chief Scientific Officer and regulatory expert at SenzaGen

Allergy is a growing health problem in humans. The data requirements for the assessment of sensitisation in chemical legislations have been based on animal assays, which until now have served as the golden standard. However, in vitro assays have been developed which need to be combined in order to address all key events for sensitisation to fulfil the demands in e. g., Reach. However, The Genomic Allergen Rapid Detection Skin (GARDskin) assay addresses all the key regulatory questions regarding sensitisation, including potency – How? This session we will give an update on the validation status and the different applications of GARD.

ID 668 | Session 2 | Board no P-04-02-07 | Monday, Sept 11 from 15:00
Transferability of the GARDskin assay to two independent laboratories.

ID 438 | Session 4 | Board number P-09-02-31 | Tuesday, Sept 12 from 15:00
The GARD platform for potency assessment of skin sensitizing chemicals

New colleague at SenzaGen

Welcome to SenzaGen Anna Chérouvrier Hansson!

Anna has started her position as Chief Commercial Officer with us here at SenzaGen this week. Anna comes from Camurus, a pharmaceutical company developing and commercializing innovative and long-acting medicines for the treatment of severe and chronic conditions. At Camurus, Anna was Director of Marketing and responsible for the Medical Device Business Unit. She has previously worked as Head of Business Development Life Science at Invest in Skåne, Partner at Zitha Consulting and in a number of senior positions in European pharmaceutical and chemical companies. Anna was born in France, studied and worked in Germany and Luxembourg before moving to Sweden in 2000 to study a Master in Business Administration and Business Law and decided to stay. Anna strengthens SenzaGen’s management for the commercialization of the GARD tests and prior to the company’s planned listing on Nasdaq First North.

We are very happy to have you in our team, Anna!

senzagen skin derma

Meet us in Almedalen – The researchers behind the GARDtest and SenzaGen’s lab technicians on site.

Meet Andy Forreryd from Lund University and Angelica Johansson from SenzaGen in the organisation of Research Without Animal Experiments, 6th and 7th of July. During two seminars, Andy will tell us about the research behind GARD. There will be opportunities for questions and hands on practical lab work so that you can experience and see how the test works.

With research money from different organisations, including Research Without Animal Experiments, the university has developed a unique allergy test that with higher precision than existing tests can determine if a chemical can induce skin allergy. The test is carried out in test tubes and replaces the need for animal testing when safety testing chemicals.

The GARDtestet is now owned, sold and marketed by SenzaGen AB for global commercialization with the aim of becoming a new industry standard on the international chemical safety testing market. Angelica Johansson is on site to talk about GARD’s journey from laboratory to global market. Link in Swedish.

senzagen gard session

SenzaGen is presenting at hosted sessions at Society of Toxicology 56th Annual Meeting in Baltimore March 12-16, 2017

Lund University Scientist Andy Forreryd and SenzaGen CEO Anki Malmborg Hager will give a presentatios about the GARD assay at exhibitor hosted sessions at the Society of Toxicology 56th Annual Meeting in Baltimore, on the 13th and 14th of March.

The meeting promises more than 150 scientific sessions, approximately 350 ToxExpo exhibitors offering you the latest information on services and technology, thousands of abstract presentations, continuing education courses, awards presentations, receptions, career guidance and support, and more.

Presentations details

– Replacement of Animal Testing for CLP/GHS Classification of Skin Sensitizers is now possible using a Modified Genomic GARDskin [OECD TGP 4.106] Assay
SenzaGen presents the latest development towards reliable potency classification of chemicals according to CLP 1A and 1B, taking both LLNA and Human potency data in consideration. The assay is based on GARDskin and utilizes a refined gene expression signature developed specifically for potency categorization with high predictability.

Date: 3/13 Time: 13:30 -14:30  Room: 338

– Advantages with Genome Testing Opening up the Landscape for New Application Possibilities for Sensitization Testing using SenzaGen’s Genomic GARD Assay
SenzaGen’s GARD assay is based on expression analysis of predictive genomic biomarker signatures. Prediction calls of test substances are generated by computational methods based on machine learning. SenzaGen presents their experience in skin and respiratory sensitization testing, working with challenging compounds and mixtures, active substances, potency classification and NOEL interpretation.

Date: 3/14 Time: 13:30-14:30  Room: 338

These session are Exhibitor-Hosted Session. Although not an official part of the SOT Annual Meeting scientific program, its presentation is permitted by the Society.

Attendees are welcomed from researcher community, industry, manufacturers, regulatory agencies, consultants, CROs and every one interested in safety testing of chemical compounds.

ceo senzagen anki malmborg hager

Anki Malmborg Hager elected one of the two most powerful people among Lund technology companies according to Rapidus ranking

The news site Rapidus has been looking into nealy 180 companies of extended IDEON business park in Lund, Sweden in a unique survey of decision-makers of the region. Ericsson veteran Tord Wingren and Alligator Bioscience co-founder Anki Malmborg-Hager were ranked two of the most powerful people among Lund technology companies.

Rapidus writes:

Leeding up to the expansion of the concept of Ideon, Rapidus went through the records of company boards and chief executives of all technology companies which have their registered office at Ideon Medicon Village, Mobile Heights Center and Edison Park.

In total it ads up to around 700 decision makers of almost 180 companies. Most of them only sit on one board or CEO positions however 56 of these people have posiotions in more than one technology company on the extended Ideon area. At the top of the list are a dozen people with at least three appointments, including the CEO of Jolife Erik von Schenck and Professor Carl Borrebaeck, who among several appointments is on the board of Alligator Bioscience and Clinical Laserthermia Systems.

Read the full news at Rapidus site (only subscribers)

blue senzagen logo

SenzaGen starts blogging for Swedish leading financial newspaper Dagens Industri.

Follow our CEO, Anki Malmborg Hager here on the new blog at our web site under Mixed Media/blogs or at Di Gasell.

The blog will be in Swedish