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SenzaGen and AstraZeneca initiate technology development collaboration

SenzaGen has signed a collaboration agreement with the global biopharmaceutical  company AstraZeneca. The collaboration focuses on  testing and development of SenzaGen’s sensitization test GARDair, in order to distinguish between allergens and irritants in the respiratory tract. The goal is the validation of in vitro toxicological tests that could be applied to the discovery of new […]

SenzaGen introduces GARDpotency – a unique method for measuring the allergenicity of chemical substances

SenzaGen AB announces today the start of pilot sales of GARDpotency, the first animal-free method of analysis that can provide invaluable information on the allergenic potency of a chemical substance. GARDpotency is a unique complement to the previously launched test method GARDskin. For a long time there has been huge demand from government and industry […]

SenzaGen is presenting at hosted sessions at Society of Toxicology 56th Annual Meeting in Baltimore March 12-16, 2017

Lund University Scientist Andy Forreryd and SenzaGen CEO Anki Malmborg Hager will give a presentatios about the GARD assay at exhibitor hosted sessions at the Society of Toxicology 56th Annual Meeting in Baltimore, on the 13th and 14th of March. The meeting promises more than 150 scientific sessions, approximately 350 ToxExpo exhibitors offering you the […]

SenzaGen presenterar på Unicorn Summit den 7 mars 2017

SenzaGens vd Anki Malmborg Hager kommer att presentera bolagets spännande utveckling vid Vator Securities Unicorn Summit den 7 mars 2017. Presentationen kommer beskriva hur företaget kommersialiserar och vidareutvecklar sina genombaserade tester (GARD), vilka kan bedöma om kemikalier vi kommer i kontakt med i vår vardag är allergiframkallande – ett ständigt ökande problem.  Testerna bygger på […]

Evaluation of the GARD assay in a blind Cosmetics Europe study

ALTEX Online first published February 17, 2017 https://doi.org/10.14573/altex.1701121 Johansson H., Gradin R., Forreryd A., Agemark M., Zeller K., Johansson A., Larne O., van Vliet E.,  Borrebaeck C., Lindstedt M., Summary Chemical hypersensitivity is an immunological response towards foreign substances, commonly referred to as sensitizers, which gives rise primarily to the clinical symptoms known as allergic […]

Testing Human Skin and Respiratory Sensitizers—What Is Good Enough?

Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2017, 18(2), 241; doi:10.3390/ijms18020241 Malmborg A., Borrebaeck C. A.K. Abstract Alternative methods for accurate in vitro assessment of skin and respiratory sensitizers are urgently needed. Sensitization is a complex biological process that cannot be evaluated accurately using single events or biomarkers, since the information content is too restricted in these measurements. […]

SenzaGen awarded EU grant of € 2,4 million in heavy competition, to develop GARDair for industry use

SenzaGen has received a grant of € 2,4 million from the EU’s research and innovation framework program Horizon 2020 to develop GARDair, the first generation test for respiratory allergies. GARDair is the first in vitro test that can detect air-borne chemicals that cause respiratory allergies, by using a unique gene technology. This follows the international […]

SenzaGen and Bioglan working together for the next generation of test methods

SenzaGen has signed a cooperation agreement with the pharmaceutical company Bioglan, which develops and manufactures creams and ointments for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The collaboration means that Bioglan will test GARDskin for skin allergens in a number of creams that are included in various end products. Bioglan is a pharmaceutical company that focuses on […]

SenzaGen signs distribution agreement in Korea

SenzaGen has signed a distribution agreement with the Korean company WOOJUNG BSC, Inc.  Korea passed a legislation to ban animal testing of cosmetics on December 2015, which will be effective on February 4, 2017. With this new agreement, SenzaGen will enter one of the world’s most exciting markets and WOOJUNG BSC will market GARDskin for […]

SenzaGen invited to prestigious meeting at ICCVAM, US

Today, Tuesday the 27 September SenzaGen is invited to participate at a science Committee Meeting of the American organization ICCVAM *, which promotes the development of alternative methods to replace animal testing. Together with its US partner, Burleson Research Technologies, Inc., SenzaGen will participate in the official program and make a statement about Skin Sensitization […]