Our method mimics the human immune system.

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    Get immunotoxicological assays using test methods designed by Senzagen, a Swedish in vitro test lab company.

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SenzaGen rings the bell

to open the stock market and the start for trading in #SENZA at Nasdaq First North.

“We are excited to join Nasdaq First North and are proud of the support from investors whom have trusted us and joined our journey as a listed company,” said Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO of SenzaGen.

“We welcome SenzaGen to our European growth market, Nasdaq First North,” said Adam Kostyál, SVP and Head of European listings at Nasdaq. “SenzaGen operates in an exciting field and we look forward to supporting them for many years to come.”


Animal free allergy test for classification of skin sensitizers with outstanding accuracy. Sufficient for stand alone hazard identification.


Animal free test for CLP potency classification of skin sensitizers. Add-on to GARDskin.

GARDair  Pipeline project

Developmental project for industrial adaptation under EU Horizon 2020. Animal free test for classification of respiratory chemical sensitizers.

Welcome to meet SenzaGen.

  • Vator Unicorn Summit
    14 Nov 2017, Stockholm
  • Dissertation GARD- Genomic Allergen Rapid Detection. From Biomarker Discovery Towards a State-of-the-art Testing Plattform for Chemical Sensitizers | Andy Forreryd
    24 November, Lund
  • Society of Toxicology and TOX Expo
    11-15 March, San Antonio, Texas

GARD exhibits the highest predictive
performance of assays currently on the market. How?

The GARD method mimics the immune system. It predicts the ability of chemical compounds to induce sensitization by the use of genomic biomarker signatures. … read more